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We are so grateful for our generous donors, without whom the work we do would not be possible.


($25,000 and above)

The Terry K. Watanabe Charitable Trust, Omaha, Nebraska, in honor of

Harry G. and Fern Watanabe and George and Kay Hirabayashi

Jack Perry Strong,  MD

Zen-Noh UNICO America, Inc.

Hasegawa Ritsu


($10,000 - $24,999)

City of Matsue

Ema Shoko

Mihoko Strong

George and Kay Hirabayashi


($5,000 and $9,999)

City of New Orleans

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Farris

Friends of City Park

Ms. Colleen Thian

National Association of American-Japan Societies

Tidewater, Inc.


($2,500 - $4,999)

Capt. and Mrs. K. Araki

Mrs. Dorothy W. Boutchard

CMP Coatings, Inc.

Mrs. Kathleen Goldman Devitt

Entergy Corp.

Dr. John and Emilie Garoutte

The Hearn Society of Japan (Yakumo Kai)

Mr. James Hollingshad

Ikebana International, New Orleans Chapter #97

Mrs. Tadamichi Kamata

Dr. and Mrs. Albert Koy

Dr. George and Betty Lyons

Strong Family Fund

Mr. Hiroshi Yamada,  Japan

Japan Club of New Orleans


($1,000 - $2,499)

Hon. Mr. and Mrs. N. Amemiya

Hon. Toshiyuki Ando

Dr. and Mrs. Akira Arimura

Greater New Orleans Bonsai Society

Mr. Harold Burns

Capt. Gus Cramond, Jr.

Betty K. DeCell

Drs. Raj and Nina Dhurandhar

Dr. Tom Farris

Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Gorin

Japan Society of New Orleans

Dr. Mignon Jumel

Mrs. Beverly Katz

Dr. Gray Malcom

John and Gerrie Martinez

Mr. Michael Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Murphy, Jr.

Mrs. Reiko Nakajima

Dr. and Mrs. Tetsuo Nakamoto

New Orleans Botanical Garden Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Motoharu Ohashi

Mrs. Catherine Rourke

CG Masaru and Mrs. Sakato

Dr. and Mrs. Louis H. Stern

Ms. Nancy Turner

Mr. Robert Yike

Zen-Noh Grain Corp.

Mrs. Gloria Battiste

Dr. Barbara Beckman

Ms. Frances Bledsoe

Mrs. June Cahn

Mrs. Marguerite Dunbar

Mrs. Marion Finnin

Gitter-Yelen Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Yutaka Horiba

Ms. Barbara Hymowitz

Dr. Toshiharu Ishii, Japan

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Jeandron, Jr.

Ms. Beulh T. Lang

Mrs. Joe Larry Magyar

Mrs. Paula Maher

Mr. Robert K. Masson

Metro Area Horticulture Committee

Hon. Hideto Mitamura

Ms. Coralie Nessor

Nippon Kaiji Kyokai

Mr. Yu Takahashi


($500 - $999)

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